Network Fields

Network Fields
Field Name Example Values Field Type Notes
network_application facebook, instagram keyword/loweronly Application name - Facebook, etc.
network_bytes 71238 long Total bytes transmitted during the connection. This field may be calculated by summing bytes sent/received.
network_bytes_rx 71238 long Bytes sent from destination to the source
network_bytes_tx 71238 long Bytes sent from source to the destination
network_community_id   keyword See:
network_data_bytes 71238 long Total bytes of the data payload.
network_direction   keyword  
network_forwarded_ip, fe80:5cc3:11:4::2c ip  
network_header_bytes 71238 long Total bytes of packet header information
network_iana_number 6, 17, 41 integer
network_icmp_type echo, time exceeded keyword
network_inner     TBD
network_interface_in gi0/1 keyword/loweronly  
network_interface_out gi0/1 keyword/loweronly  
network_ip_version 4, 6 keyword IPv4 or IPv6
network_name     TBD
network_packets 71238 long  
network_packets_rx 71238 long Number of packets sent from the destination to the source
network_packets_tx 71238 long Number of packets sent from the source to the destination
network_protocol ipv4, ipv6, icmp keyword/loweronly  
network_transport udp, tcp keyword transport layer protocol of packet/connection
network_tunnel_type GRE, IPSEC keyword tunnel type
network_tunnel_duration 2093847 long time in seconds for tunnel duration
network_type     TBD - maybe not needed since network_protocol