Network Fields

Network Fields
Field Name Example Values Field Type Notes
network_application facebook, instagram keyword/loweronly Application name - Facebook, etc.
network_bytes 71238 long Bytes transferred during a connection, may be calculated by summing bytes sent/received (source_bytes_sent/destination_bytes_sent) - some vendors may report this as packet_length
network_bytes_rx     DEPRECATED - use destination_bytes_sent
network_bytes_tx     DEPRECATED - use source_bytes_sent
network_community_id   keyword See:
network_connection_duration 00:23:45 keyword Duration of time a network connection was established
network_connection_uid CMdzit1AMNsmfAIiQc keyword Unique identifier value for a network connection
network_data_bytes 71238 long Total bytes of the data payload
network_direction inbound, outbound, lateral keyword Indicates the direction of the observed network flow. Must be either inbound or outbound, this should be mapped to these values if vendors provide network direction differently .
network_forwarded_ip, fe80:5cc3:11:4::2c ip  
network_header_bytes 71238 long Total bytes of packet header information
network_iana_number 6, 17, 41 integer
network_icmp_type echo, time exceeded keyword
network_inner     TBD
network_interface_in gi0/1 keyword/loweronly Name of interface traffic receiving traffic
network_interface_out gi0/1 keyword/loweronly Name of interface traffic sending traffic
network_ip_version 4, 6 keyword IPv4 or IPv6
network_name     TBD
network_packets 71238 long Count of packets transferred during a connection, may be calculated by summing packets sent/received (source_packets_sent/destination_packets_sent)
network_packets_rx     DEPRECATED - use destination_packets_sent
network_packets_tx     DEPRECATED - use source_packets_sent
network_protocol ipv4, ipv6, icmp keyword/loweronly Protocol names, preferrably from the Keyword column in
network_transport udp, tcp keyword/loweronly transport layer protocol of packet/connection
network_tunnel_type gre, ipsec keyword/loweronly tunnel type
network_tunnel_duration 2093847 long time in seconds for tunnel duration
network_type     TBD - maybe not needed since network_protocol